Online Test Software Application Features

Online Test Application will be designed and developed with latest technologies available in the IT industry.

The features are listed below

    • In built Question database for exam questions
    • Access anywhere, anytime Application
    • Exam Format intuitive and easy to navigate.
    • Administrators load the questions into the database
    • Examinations are generated automatically as per student selections
    • Exams and questions can be edited, deleted, and re-used anytime
    • A discussion board feature so that the students can discuss problems that challenge them.
    • Add answers hints
    • Role base privileges > Administrator > Teachers > Students
    • Hierarchy of a standard for Exam - Standard > Teachers > Subject > Students
    • Question Paper Repository

      Teachers of respective standard can create any amount of questions, answers list and the right answer

    • Question Paper Builder

      With the repository data, QAP builder can create any number of question papers for any standard at any point of time

    • Exam Scheduler and Planner

      QAP Engine will be automatically process the information as per the exam plans and schedules

    • Security

      QAP Module will have different sections like Administrator, Teacher and students by clearly defining the roles of each role

    • Details of all the exam conducted earlier will be stored with all the student, scores, date & time of exam, subject
    • Administrator will have complete control over the exams done of that day, i.e. start time, end time, subject, student participated etc.,
    • QAP Engine will generate the results immediately after the end time of the examination and stores it permanently
    • Unlimited for any standard / subject / no. of students
    • Unlimited to generate any subject question paper for any standard
    • Well designed to refer historical information of an exam and other information associated with that exam