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GWT Training
  • Course Summary

    With over 100,000 new activations a day and products like Google TV, Google Applications, Google VoIP offering, Google Chrome, Google Android, etc., Google is hot!

    Learning Google Web Toolkit will help you surf the next wave. Mastering GWT will provide a plethora of opportunities in the workplace.

    Google Web Toolkit (GWT) is a development toolkit for building and optimizing complex browser-based applications. Its goal is to enable productive development of highperformance web applications.

    The course provides a practical, hands-on introduction to building Ajax-enabled applications with GWT. In each section, it gives details on the most important topics, surveys more advanced or lesser-used topics, stresses best practices, and gives plenty of working examples.

  • Audience

    Developers, Senior Developers, Lead, Architects wanting to surf the next wave. GWT Training is designed for Web developers and Java programmers who want to build rich Ajax-enabled web applications.

    The course consists of an approximately equal mixture of lecture and hands-on lab time and assumes that all students have strong Java skills. It does not assume any previous exposure to GWT or Ajax, nor does it presume JavaScript knowledge.

  • Course Outline


    • Installing GWT
    • Setting up environment
    • Ajax , JavaScript, Java and GWT primer
    • Creating GWT Projects using Eclipse IDE and Command Line
    • GWT Widgets
    • Panels and Layout
    • CSS and custom styles
    • RPC, Modules and Entry Points
    • DOM, Event handlers
    • Building and deploying GWT application
    • MVP pattern and UIBinder
    • XML binding
    • CSS Binding and templates
    • Bundle Resources and Client bundle
    • History , Bookmarks, Back button
    • Custom Widgets
    • JSNI - Mix your custom
    • Java Script and other
    • JavaScript libraries
    • Project ( 3 weeks project)
    • Web Performance
    • Optimization tools
    • Speed Tracer
    • Code Splitting
    • Complier Optimizations
    • Image Sprites
    • HTMLUnit for testing
    • Security