Payroll Application
  • Modules

    SSPL Payroll is an integrated software that  has more than 50 Modules covering Employee Master, Employee Transactions, Attendance, Payroll and Statutory Modules - PF, Loan, ESI and TDS. SSPL Payroll gives you tremendous flexibility to set rules as per your specific requirements.

  • Implementation Support
    • Master Entry / Business Policies Entry Support
    • Employee Masters Entry Support
    • Leave and Attendance Data Entry Support
    • Payroll Data Entry Support
    • Payroll Processing Support
    • Data Entry Support 
    • Data Porting Support 
  • Training Support

    SSPL provides extensive Training to all users to get up to speed in the shortest possible time. SSPL's proven and tested Training Methodology helps you in understanding the numerous features in SSPL Payroll. At the start of the implementation SSPL charts our the Training Map and by the end of Implementation users gain valuable expertise of the usage of the software.

  • Customizations

    Payroll is 100% customizable. In case you have any special needs SSPL can customize the Payroll Software as per your specific needs at a nominal cost.  In case you require any special report specific to your organizational needs that too can be done.